The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital

What is the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital?

The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital (the Alex) is a state-of-the-art facility in Brighton offering pioneering paediatric care. The hospital provides inpatient facilities, including an intensive care unit, and outpatient care, with a dedicated Children’s Emergency Department. The Alex caters for children from across Sussex and the whole of the South East.

Why have we chosen to support it?

We are proud to be the official fundraising arm of the Alex, where over 45,000 young patients are treated every year. We work closely with the hospital’s consultants and paediatricians to ensure that we are providing equipment and services which will most benefit the babies, children and teenagers who need them. We believe no matter where they are, children should always be allowed to be children.

How will the funds raised make a difference?

Here at Rockinghorse, our aim is to improve the lives of sick children throughout Sussex. Working in partnership with the Alex, we strive to make services stimulating, cutting-edge and accessible for the many babies, children and teenagers who need them. In recent years, we have funded many vital items and services, including; Critical Care Ventilators, a specialist Trauma Room and a unique SEA LIFE-themed Sensory Room – the first of its kind in the UK.

As part of our 50th year appeal, we have raised funds for an Asthma Clinical Trial to support children who suffer from the disease. Asthma is the most common chronic disease in children and affects around 1 million youngsters in the UK. Children with the disease can suffer from school absences and need regular hospital admissions, so this trial will aim to improve asthma control in young patients.

The study is expected to benefit thousands of children in Sussex every year who suffer from asthma. It will establish the Alex as a centre for ground-breaking research that brings change to the lives of children suffering from this all too common disease.