Our Projects

Here’s where you can find out a little bit more about the projects we fund in Sussex.

About our projects

Working in partnership with local hospitals, respite centres and specialist services, we fund projects which focus on improving children’s physical and emotional well-being, while providing additional support services for parents and carers.

The projects we fund all fit into one of six categories:

  • Toys – Toys can really help to pass the time, distract from a painful procedure or help with diagnosis.
  • Equipment – From large bit of medical kit to smaller equipment to help with everyday care.
  • Spaces – Revamping or creating new, therapeutic spaces in hospitals and the local community.
  • Research – Cutting edge research to help move children’s healthcare into the future.
  • Activities – Special events and activities to help children and young people manage wellbeing.
  • People – Specially trained additional staff to help support patients, families and NHS departments.

Find out more using the sections here, or search a project by area, type or funding status using the map below.


Funding form

Working in partnership with our Champions across children’s NHS services across Sussex, we strive to fund projects that are stimulating, cutting-edge and accessible for the young patients who rely on them.

If you work for a centre or service that needs our support, please get in touch with details of your project(s), by filling out the funding form in the link below. For more information, or to submit a completed form, please email fran@rockinghorse.org.uk

Download the Rockinghorse Project Form here.

The projects we fund and deliver really do change lives. From big bits of medical equipment to a little teddy bear, every single one impacts on the care that babies, children and young people receive.

Sarah Phillips, Operations Manager at Rockinghorse