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Help us to make a brighter future for babies

Being a new parent is a wonderful experience. Bringing new life into the world comes with its fair share of joy, exhilaration and of course tiredness, but above all you feel a great deal of love for this tiny new person.

However, for the parents of the 60,000 babies born prematurely in the UK every year, the experience also brings worry, stress and fear.

These babies, the equivalent to one in every 13, often need a lot of extra care to survive.

As the official charity of the Trevor Mann Baby Unit (TMBU) in Brighton and the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) in Haywards Heath, along with all the neo-natal wards across Sussex, we know how incredibly important this care is to more than 750 families whose babies are admitted to these two units every year.

And this care consists of so much, from specialist medical equipment to help keep tiny bodies working, to expertly trained staff to provide the 24-hour care required.

Working closely with the consultants, paediatricians and champions at the TMBU and SCBU, we can make sure that we provide the equipment and services which will benefit the babies and families who need them most.

With your help we can support more children so that they can grow up to, have fun and reach their potential.

How you can help

The needs of premature babies are really broad, not to mention the things that would help make life easier for their parents, which is why we are fundraising for a range of things to help.

£500 donation – Specialist Baby Equipment

When a baby is being cared for in hospital, whether they are premature or battling illness, there are so many different pieces of equipment that can help them get better.

In the past we have provided neonatal ventilators specifically designed for tiny lungs, incubators to support sick infants and cooling mats that can slowing down the processes that cause brain damage in poorly babies.

A donation like this could also buy state of the art equipment specifically designed to give babies the best possible care such as baby weighing scales to help staff more accurately weigh babies during the various clinics at the hospital meaning they can more quickly identify any potential issues.

Or it could help provide wall mounted breast pumps so that new parents can easily and quickly express milk right next to where their baby is being cared for, in a private space with their family.

Having the right equipment, in the right place at the right time makes the world of difference for both NHS staff and new parents caring for a baby in hospital and ultimately helps more sick babies get better and go home.


£100 donation – The Rockinghorse Rainbow Fund

Our new Rockinghorse Rainbow Fund is an idea brought to us by our Champions from the TMBU. Often staff can see that a child, parent or sibling really needs some extra help, whether that’s a new toy to help distract from a painful procedure, money to pay for a bus journey to the hospital to visit a baby or a meal out so they can step away from the clinical surroundings of a hospital. However, finding the money for these small but important things isn’t always straight forward, or possible.

Our new Rockinghorse Rainbow Fund will hopefully be the answer. The fund will enable us to give families that extra bit of support they might need. From a simple cup of tea to a birthday cake for a sibling having their birthday whilst most of their family are at the hospital, or a night in a hotel for parents who want to stay close to their child, they can use their expert knowledge to help a family going through a really difficult time.

Making a donation to this fund will really help the families of babies in hospital by taking some of the pressure away from them, bring joy when it’s hard to find or providing them with that extra bit of support when they need it the most.


£25 donation – Baby Toys

Along with having all the right kinds of medical equipment to hand in the hospital, a donation of £25 could also help us support babies with their development and recovery.

Normally when a new baby comes home, they are surrounded by lots of different sensory toys and things to help them relax and get to sleep. But if they stay in hospital for treatment, they don’t necessarily have all this available.

But a donation of this size could help us buy equipment and toys that can help, from baby gyms to aid physical development, to baby rockers that can help rock them to sleep when their parents can’t be there to do it for them.

All of these toys provide help for poorly babies to improve their development and ultimately support their recovery.

Donations of any size can help babies to get better, go home and enjoy getting back to what they do best, just being children.

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