Live-stream gaming

Calling all gamers!

Are you an enthusiastic gamer who wants to use your screen time for good and raise money for local sick children? Then we need you!

Game for Rockinghorse is looking for gamers to host their own live stream challenge to raise funds for Rockinghorse Children’s Charity.

Whether you are speedrunning a level of your favourite game, starting out on the latest ultra hard platformer or hosting a tournament with a group of friends, Rockinghorse Children’s Charity is calling on gamers to take up their controllers and keyboards and raise some much needed funds for poorly children and young people across Sussex.

Stream on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook our our Rockinghorse Tiltify page or keep it to just your family and friends, the options are endless!

Why we need your help

We have developed Game for Rockinghorse in response to many fundraising events being cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  With so many marathons and mass gathering events being off the cards, fundraising is moving to the virtual world and gaming is proving popular with fundraisers. It’s a challenge that can take place at home, online, with many supporters involved at the same time.

Perhaps the Royal Alex helped you as a child and you would like to give something back by supporting those children currently in hospital? If that’s the case, this might be the perfect idea for you.

What is a “live stream”?

A typical live stream allows the viewer to see the gamer’s face and the game in real-time. During a fundraising stream, the streamer completes a challenge such as playing for a set amount of time or doing a ‘speedrun’ (where they try to complete a game as fast as possible), all the while promoting the charity to their followers and urging them to donate. You can also add a prize draw or raffle to your live stream to really boost those donations.

What are we asking?

If you host your own You Tube channel, play on line gaming with friends or would you like to do some good whilst playing video games and help your local children’s charity, then this could be the challenge for you.

We are looking for gaming fans and YouTubers to host their own charity live stream using You Tube or Twitch to stream the game and Just Giving as the platform for fundraising.

Need more information on how to set up your own live stream?

Recently one of our supporters, Matt Culli, undertook a 24 live stream playing his favourite POKEMON game. This was an amazing achievement and raised over £1100 for Rockinghorse. As Matt has lots of experience using streaming platforms he has kindly put together a video for us explaining how to set up your own gaming session. So for more info on the technical side, take a look at his brilliant video:

What next?

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can start by taking a look through our Rockinghorse Gaming Guide. Then, to start fundraising, you can set up your own Just Giving Fundraising page for Rockinghorse here.

And if you need some more help, just get in touch with us. You can email us at; or call us on: 01273 330044 and we will be able to help you with more information about Rockinghorse and how best to donate.

Health and Safety

If you do decide to take on a gaming challenge, please remember to stay safe. Here are a few tips to remember during your live stream:

  • If taking on a challenge for a set number of hours take regular breaks away from the screen. At least 5 minutes every hour with longer breaks to eat and drink.
  • Eat and drink healthily during your challenge. Lots of water and avoid energy drinks.
  • Stand up for some of the challenge.