Thea’s story

Thea was treated for pneumonia at just 12 months old. Here is her story...

Thea was treated for pneumonia at just 12 months old. Here is her story…

Thea enjoying a ride at a funfairThea was admitted to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital (the Alex) in Brighton with pneumonia. Her condition was so serious, she was transferred by ambulance to the intensive care unit at St. Thomas’ in London where she thankfully made a full recovery.

Just one year later, two year old Thea had a severe chest infection and was again admitted to the Alex and was treated for breathing problems and a lack of oxygen. Thea’s parents Lucy and Matthew were terrified and steeled themselves for another emergency trip to London – a particularly daunting prospect as they now also had a new born baby to care for.

This time Dr Kamal Patel and his team had new ventilators, donated by Rockinghorse, on site and they were able to confidently treat Thea at the Alex. She responded very well to ventilation and for two critical nights, she received the oxygen needed to make rapid progress. Following a further four days on the HDU, Thea was able to go home.

Her mother Lucy is so grateful for the care her daughter received, she says: “It was amazing to have Thea treated at the Alex so efficiently and effectively by Dr Kamal Patel and his incredible team. The new method of ventilation, thanks to the donated machines, meant we could be very confident in her care. We could also stay close to Thea for every moment, without having to be transferred to London. What was a troubling and scary time, was actually as calm and supportive as can be. Thank you so much.”