Support for cancer patients and their siblings

Support for cancer patients and their siblings

Having a brother or sister spending time in hospital can be worrying and stressful for their siblings. They don’t always know what’s going on, what treatment their siblings are having or whether they will get better.

Children are often much more perceptive than we realise and can be greatly affected by worrying about their brother or sister, especially if they don’t know what’s happening.

In order to offer some support, we funded a range of items that parents can use to help their other children. These include the amazing Medibears, bespoke teddy bears which are created with matching medical equipment such as feeding tubes and central lines, which help siblings to understand what treatment their brother or sister is having and help reduce their anxiety.

Along with these bears, we also funded 50 Beads of Courage packs, which are designed to offer recognition of siblings’ care, bravery and courage.

And finally, we funded 35 hand made hair turbans for children losing their hair due to cancer treatment. The Tot Knots are made using beautiful Liberty printed fabrics and can improve children’s confidence and wellbeing.

Thanks so much to the Camelia Botnar Foundation, Openwork Foundation and our supporters for funding this project.

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