Riding therapy at Chailey Heritage

Riding therapy at Chailey Heritage

We are continuing to fund the therapeutic horse-riding service for children with complex needs at Chailey Heritage Foundation.

This fantastic therapy has become a fundamental part of the curriculum at the Foundation as it uses the movement of the horse as physiotherapy, helping to strengthen core muscles and improve head control.

As pupils spend most of their time in wheelchairs and have very limited mobility, the riding sessions provide a unique opportunity to exercise out of their chair and use a range of muscles that they don’t usually use.

Never has it been more important to provide this service for the young people so that they can spend time outdoors. Not only does it help their physical wellbeing, but it also offers a great opportunity for children to learn, have fun and progress their motor skills. And for pupils with dual sensory impairments, the touch, feel and smell of the horse is also a wonderful sensory experience.

Thanks so much to the Camelia Botnar Foundation and Best of British Events for funding this project.

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