Mock MRI Scanner

Mock MRI scanner

Having an MRI scan as an adult can be a noisy, frightening experience so imagine how it feels for a small child? Not only is it really difficult for them to keep still for the 30 minutes that the scan takes, but the whole process can be an incredibly daunting one.

Giving young children an opportunity to see and understand how these machines work and what it feels like before they have their own scan could really help reduce their anxiety and make it easier to perform the scans.

So, we are funding a small mock MRI scanner so that children aged between three and six can see how they work and understand the process. As Orthopaedic Consultant Thomas Crompton from the Alex explains: “If children have seen a miniature scanner, perhaps even scanning their teddy bear, they will then be able to have scans without the need to have a general anaesthetic.”

This will then hopefully make the whole process much more relaxed for both the patient and their parents.

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