EMDR Equipment

EMDR Equipment

The Paediatric Psychological Support Team (PPSS) at the Royal Alex, often see children who have experienced trauma related to medical treatment that they have undergone. This can be due to painful, frightening or unwanted treatment or because they haven’t known or understood what’s happening to them or their body.

Trauma like this, if left untreated, can make ongoing treatment incredibly difficult and can result in them developing things such as needle phobia, sleep issues, non-compliance and difficulties learning at school.

However, this trauma can be helped by a therapy called Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy, EMDR for short. But for children, this therapy, where the patient follows the therapist’s hand, can be difficult. So we are funding some clever tools, such as special buzzers for children to hold, which makes this amazing therapy easier for them to access.

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