The Trevor Mann Baby Unit

What is the Trevor Mann Baby Unit?

The Trevor Mann Baby Unit (TMBU) is based within the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and is a specialist department for the care of premature and sick new-born babies. Founded by Dr Trevor Mann in the 1970’s, the TMBU has become one of the foremost centres for treating premature and sick new-born babies and has dramatically improved survival rates.

Why have we chosen to support it?

We are a vital supporter of the TMBU, where over 600 babies are treated every year. We work closely with the unit’s consultants and paediatricians to ensure that we are providing equipment and services which will most benefit the babies who need them.

How will the funds raised make a difference?

We are working with the unit to improve the facilities at its sister-site; the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) which is located within the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath. The TMBU and SCBU share the same specialist consultants and paediatricians, and as part of our 50th year appeal, we are funding the reconfiguration of SCBU, with the introduction of Metavision – an electronic patient record system – which is already in use at the TMBU.

In 2017 there were almost 300 admissions to SCBU and there is a real need to improve the services currently available within the unit. The reconfiguration will allow the nursery area to be expanded, which will create more space for emergency admissions and provide better access for new mums to visit in wheelchairs and beds, as well as access for neonatal transport incubators.

The Metavision system means that all current paper documentation can be replaced by electronic records. The system will also provide a direct link for all patient records between SCBU and the TMBU, which is of particular benefit when babies are transferred between sites.