The Bungalow

What is The Bungalow?

Based in Eastbourne, The Bungalow is run by East Sussex County Council and provides residential care for children who cannot live with the families. The children they accommodate for are aged between 7 and 19 years old, and have a range of differing learning disabilities. There are seven children cared for by The Bungalow, all of whom have developmental delay and several with Autistic Spectrum Disorders – one also has severe physical disabilities.

Why have we chosen to support them?

We want to be able to create more opportunities for the children at The Bungalow, and enable them to have access to facilities that they are not otherwise able to access in the community. Many of the young people at The Bungalow find crowded and noisy areas extremely stressful and can display challenging behaviour when they are feeling anxious.

The challenges they face mean that it is difficult for the children to be able to access public leisure areas and facilities during busy periods such as school holidays. Providing additional facilities at The Bungalow will mean that the young people who live there will be able to pursue outdoor interests to help improve their physical fitness and emotional wellbeing.

How will the funds raised make a difference?

The Bungalow previously had an outdoor garden area which was unable to be used for activities such as ball games, as it is located close to neighbouring properties. Many of the young people cared for at The Bungalow felt frustrated about being unable to play ball games in the garden, so our funding has helped to combat these problems.

As part of our 50th year appeal, we provided £50,000 of funding to reinvent the garden and introduce a number of leisure facilities. The large lawn area has been transformed in to a netted-in football pitch, accompanied by a netted sunken trampoline so that children can play safely and securely. We’ve also funded a water play and sensory area complete with a canopy so that it can be used all year round.

We were delighted to visit staff at The Bungalow, joined by some of our key corporate supporters in Eastbourne, for an official garden launch and cheque presentation.