Finches Short Breaks Centre

What is Finches Short Breaks Centre?

Based in Burgess Hill, Finches Short Breaks Centre is part of the Chailey Heritage Clinical Services which is operated by the Sussex Community NHS Trust. Finches provides short breaks for children and young people with complex health and physical needs. The short break stays can include day, evening, overnight and weekend activities in a residential setting.

Short breaks provided Finches enables parents and carers to have a break and also provides positive activities for children and young people. The service provides both rest and relaxation as well as the opportunity to take part in various leisure activities.

Why have we chosen to support them?

Finches provides a vital service for families of children and young people with challenging needs, and there are currently between 20-25 children who rely on this service. We want to help ensure that families are being provided with the best possible experience during their short break stay.

How will the funds raised make a difference?

As part of our 50th year appeal, we’ve donated funds to improve the facilities currently available at Finches. Currently undergoing construction, the centre is reinventing their lounge area to greatly benefit the children and young people using these facilities, with the addition of a soft play area and chilled zone. These modifications will provide the communal lounge area with a dual purpose, catering for a number of short break residents at any one time.