Bluefin Ward

What is Bluefin Ward?

Bluefin Ward is a paediatric unit based within Worthing Hospital in West Sussex. The unit specialises in providing care to babies, children and adolescents who have been admitted to the hospital, in an environment that is better suited to their needs. The ward is also supported by a specialist Play Team.

Why have we chosen to support it?

Here at Rockinghorse, our aim is to improve the lives of sick children throughout Sussex and we believe no matter where they are, children should always be allowed to be children. It is vital that we are able to support paediatric services in Sussex that need our help, over and above what the NHS is able to offer.

How will the funds raised make a difference?

Love Your Hospital is a dedicated charity working with the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, providing vital funds to support their three community hospitals, of which Worthing is one of them. We are supporting the charity’s work and have funded two Paediatric Emergency Airway Trolleys – as recommended by the Make the Airways Safe Team (MAST) – for Bluefin Ward at Worthing Hospital.

There’s nothing more frightening for a parent than to see their baby or young child choking and unable to breathe because they’ve swallowed an item that has caused their upper airway to become obstructed. MAST is an initiative to improve the emergency management of children with upper airway obstruction that believes in standardising the equipment currently available across the NHS.

Even a partial blockage can quickly become life-threatening if a child is struggling to breathe, and the Paediatric Emergency Airway Trolley is making a significant difference in reducing the distress young children and their parents encounter at such a critical time. The trolleys combine all the necessary equipment in one central and accessible place, ensuring specialist ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) consultants are able to respond faster than ever before.

We were delighted to visit the team from Love Your Hospital and Bluefin Ward, for an official cheque presentation and to find out more about this potentially life-saving piece of equipment.