Wellbeing in the Workplace

The very first Wellbeing in the Workplace event took place this week at the Brighton...

The very first Wellbeing in the Workplace event took place this week at the Brighton i360, in partnership with Flexibility Matters.

The event, presented by Rockinghorse and Flexibility Matters, was aimed at offering people interested in, or with the responsibility for, the wellbeing of their staff team, and offered a range of great opportunities to network and to learn more from experts in their field.

Donna Holland, Rockinghorse CEO, welcomed everyone to the event saying, “At Rockinghorse we have seen how important wellbeing is for children and families spending time in hospital, but we also understand the importance of taking care of Wellbeing in the workplace.

“We’re really pleased to have teamed up with the fabulous folks at Flexibility Matters to bring you this awesome event and we hope this will be a great opportunity to share incredible ideas and inspiration and give everyone a chance to come together and make wellbeing a priority for you, your teams and your business.”

The main event then began with a brilliant speech from Sally Gunnell OBE, who talked about how she achieved her goals and how to challenge yourself, deal with setbacks and build resilience. Sally then took questions from the audience and shared some helpful insights and advice.

Following Sally’s speech was the panel discussion with panellists Dr Charlotte Rae from Sussex 4 Day Week, Dee Mathieson from Elekta, Camille Pierson from  The Float Spa, Anna Golawski from Stratus Coaching Ltd, and Panina Shepherd from Acumen Business Law.

Emma Cleary from Flexibility Matters with the expert panel.

Donna and Emma Cleary, Director of Flexibility Matters, asked each panel member a question related to their work and the impact on wellbeing, followed by each member giving an example of best practice in wellbeing that they had come across.

It was then time for the room to enjoy a session of laughing yoga, led by Sam Rehan, The Wellbeing Motivator, who led the room in a seated, health-boosting experiences that employed playful group exercises to elicit natural laughter.

Following a coffee break, everyone chose a table to join, each hosted by a table host, and enjoyed some further group discussions on a range of different wellbeing topics. Along with the panel members, other table hosts included Dr Zoe Schaedel from Myla Health, Kyriakos Baxevanis from Little Jasmine Therapies and Spa, Dr Carole Gilling-Smith from The Agora Clinic and Sam Rehan.

The discussions were varied and interesting, with a wide range of experiences and ideas shared between the people on each table including mental health, cancer support, the menopause, and the benefits of coaching employees.

At the end of the morning, Donna and Emma thanked everyone for coming to the event and sharing their experiences and ideas, along with thanking all the panellists, table sponsors, the venue and Sally Gunnell, for helping to hopefully make this the first of many successful Wellbeing in the Workplace events.

As part of this event, we will be sharing the expert advice, guidance and best practice discussed at the event with attendees and our network. If you would like us to share this with you and learn about future events, please add your details to the form below.