Welcome to the new Rockinghorse website!

We are delighted to show you our new website and brand refresh.

Welcome to our new website!

We’re delighted to share with you our brand refresh and website. This is a project we have been quietly working on with the support of fantastic partners to help us to things better, faster and more effectively along with making sure we adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

As a small charity, we rely heavily on our visual identity to engage supporters, and ensure the accessibility of our services when people need them the most. For this reason, and many more, we knew that it was really important to evolve our brand so that we could engage new generations of supporters and effectively communicate our vision, mission and values.

What’s Changed?

Our brand refresh includes subtle changes to our logo, making it more suitable for digital use, adding new colour options and giving us the flexibility to use it in various contexts, accommodating different audiences, colour schemes, and messages.

In addition to the changes to our logo, the new Rockinghorse website offers visitors a great new digital experience. The site has been specially developed to make sure it’s really accessible for mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, and brings our ticketing and donation platforms in-house.

This change means that we can dispense with using third-party platforms that charge additional fees meaning more of our supporters’ donations come directly to us.

All these improvements contribute to better presenting who we are and the incredible work we are proud to do. At our core, many things are still the same – we will still always try to centre real people through our photography, and our tone of voice remains unchanged. These elements are really important to our identity and reflect our values of being a caring, honest, supportive, and collaborative organisation.

Alex Marshall, Head of Marketing and Communications, said: “Our plan was to re-develop the website to provide a better customer experience, and was more adaptable to the charity’s needs. All brands evolve, so it is essential to stay relevant in an ever-changing and complex world.”

Funding and Background

We were incredibly fortunate to be gifted this work by Brighton-based agency UnitedUs, which meant the branding and website didn’t cost Rockinghorse anything.

The award-winning agency have been long-term supporters of Rockinghorse – having both provided ad hoc pro bono services throughout the last decade, and even spent a Christmas with us in the hospital ensuring all the children were able to get involved in making presents for their families. So, it seems fitting that they are part of the team that has created this updated version.

Luke said, “Rockinghorse has been a charity close to my heart for many years, and having spent time on the ward working with the teams and speaking with the children and families that receive their support has only cemented how important a role they play in my mind. I am so privileged to be in a position where we’ve been able to give back to the charity and speak for everyone at UnitedUs when I say that our hope is for this refresh to help more people connect with, and support Rockinghorse.”

The Chief Executive Officer Donna Holland said: “We are incredibly grateful to UnitedUs for supporting us in this way and making this whole project possible. With a brand update like this, it would normally cost upwards of £35,000, and this would have been impossible, so we thank UnitedUs for their support”.

The brand evolution is a continual process of progression, and with the support and expertise of UnitedUs, we will be transitioning our brand and communication over the coming months and years.

So, grab a cuppa and take a look around our new site!