Vote for us in My Favourite Voucher Codes charity poll

My Favourite Voucher Codes have paved the way for playful competition, raising awareness and winning funding for charities.

Having raised a wonderful £56,000 since 2012 for a wide range of different causes, this money saving website has gained a reputation as a charitable and friendly company.

What is My Favourite Voucher Codes?

Not only does the company raise money for charity, but they also help their customers to save money online while also publishing money saving advice too. Customers who use this site are able to save money on a range of retailers. By doing so, some of the money that they are spending will go to charity as well.

My Favourite Voucher Codes began their charity initiative in 2012. Each month, they choose three charities to take part in their charity poll, with a chance to win 20% of the company’s profits for that month. Rockinghorse has been selected as a charity for April!

About our charity

Here at Rockinghorse, we aim to improve the lives of sick and disadvantaged children. We are best-known as the official fundraising arm of the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital and a vital supporter of the Trevor Mann Baby Unit in Brighton, and its sister site, the Special Care Baby Unit in Haywards Heath.

Our charity works in partnership with children’s centres, neonatal units and paediatric services across the county. We do this by providing funding projects which focus on improving physical and emotional well-being. Through our fundraising, we strive to make services stimulating, cutting-edge and accessible. We also aim to ensure that children are treated in an environment better suited to their needs. To find out more about our work, please click here.

So how can you help us?

We’re encouraging our supporters to vote for us in the poll. You will find it listed on the right-hand side of every page of the My Favourite Voucher Codes website. Voting for us is totally free and you don’t need to use the voucher codes on offer to vote (although we would encourage you to do so, as this will increase the amount that is donated to the winning charity).

The poll is open from 1 April and you will be able to vote all the way up until 30 April. Please chose to support Rockinghorse by voting for us:

Thank you!

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