The difference your support makes

At Rockinghorse Children’s Charity we continue to work hard to fundraise for vital equipment and...

At Rockinghorse Children’s Charity we continue to work hard to fundraise for vital equipment and services supporting children and young people who need it the most.

To support this aim, we have recently approved funding for several new, important projects across Sussex. We are proud to be able to support these projects and give details about how you can donate towards them.

Firstly, we are funding some resuscitation training equipment for St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester to help give parents some much needed reassurance that they have the skills they need to manage independently when they take their baby home after being acutely ill.

We are also raising money for a battery pack to provide power for a resuscitaire in the Trevor Mann Baby Unit. This unit is used when moving premature babies from the maternity ward to the specialist unit, keeping them warm and helping provide the support they need straight away.

For children visiting the A&E department at the Alex, waiting to be treated can be a worrying time, especially if they are nervous or in pain.

So, we have agreed to fund some new distraction toys to help the children, families and staff in the department, aiming to help create a more relaxed and positive environment and meaning that procedures are more successful and less traumatic for everyone involved.

Whoopsadaisy is a small charity helping children with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities. We are funding a range of new sensory, play and therapy equipment for the group to help children continue their progress as they begin a phased return to in-person sessions after a year of online support.

And finally, we are continuing to fund weekly art therapy sessions for young people living with a range of ongoing chronic medical conditions, which have resulted in self harming behaviours, severe anxiety, depression, lack of confidence and panic attacks.

You can find out more about these and the other projects we are currently funding here.

We couldn’t fund any of this vital equipment or these life-changing projects without your help so please consider supporting us. To donate to any of these projects, click here, call us on: 01273 330044 or email: