Support Rockinghorse this Christmas

Rockinghorse launch their 2020 Christmas appeal asking supporters help them continue to provide vital funding....

Rockinghorse launch their 2020 Christmas appeal asking supporters help them continue to provide vital funding.

This year has been an incredibly challenging one for Rockinghorse, with over £100,000 of fundraising lost since March due to the cancellation and postponement of virtually all our planned charity events.

Despite the challenges facing us we have continued to work hard to support babies and children across Sussex with life-saving equipment and much needed services.

Rockinghorse CEO Ryan Heal

However, without continued support this will become increasingly difficult in the future, particularly while limits on events and social gatherings are still in place.

Rockinghorse CEO Ryan Heal explains further: “There is no doubt that this year has been one of the toughest we have faced. With so many cancelled fundraising events the amount of money we have been able to raise has been massively reduced.

“We feel indebted to the doctors and nurses at our children’s hospitals who continue to work tirelessly to care for and support their patients so we are determined to keep going. Determined to keep raising the funds needed to support them and to make life better for sick and disadvantaged babies, children and young people.”

Usually our Christmas campaign focuses on one specific project but this year there are so many vital projects that need our support, we are asking you to Remember Rockinghorse and help us continue to support as many of these projects as possible.

Projects like Seaside View Child Development Centre who need funds to pay for specialist toy boxes so they can run their wonderful play sessions virtually to help children with additional support needs. Or Dr Alice Emond, the paediatric clinical psychologist, who helps young cancer patients, and their families manage their emotional wellbeing from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. Or even support to help us make Christmas special for children spending the festive season in hospital.

Rockinghorse Christmas Cards

Along with donating directly to the charity, there are lots of ways in which you can support Rockinghorse this Christmas whatever your budget. You could choose to buy from their range of Christmas cards available to buy on their website, you could be active and sign up take part in this year’s virtual Santa Dash, sponsored by Austin Rees, or even get some tasty treats from Piglet’s Pantry using the special ‘rockinghorse20’ discount code to get 20% off and includes a donation to Rockinghorse at the same time.

Another option is to give a gift for a sick child this year. Along with collection points in Churchill Square, ASDA at Brighton Marina and Bluewater shopping centres, you can also do your own collection and then get in contact with Rockinghorse to arrange a collection.

This is exactly what Maxx and Louie Honhold, aged 8 and 4, from Shoreham decided to do. They wanted to make sure that children spending time in hospital over Christmas would at least have something nice to open so they set their sights on collecting 100 toys.

Maxx ad Louie Honhold

As Maxx put is: “We decided to collect the toys so children can have a lovely Christmas” with his younger brother Louie adding: “I think it’s nice to make the children happy.” And that’s certainly what they have done; they have managed to smash their target and collect nearly 200 toys worth over £1,200!

Maxx and Louie’s mum Emma explained how they managed this amazing total: “We first started the collection sharing our idea with family and friends and before we knew it our wish list was being shared and we were receiving gifts from complete strangers. It’s amazing that we are now just shy of 200 toys!

“I think they have done so, so well and we are very proud of what they have achieved. They thought of the idea and by the next morning we had set it up for them and they enjoyed receiving every package and adding it to their collection. We want to say a big thank you to everyone that helped them nearly double the original target! And an extra big thank you to Alex Macfarlane who joined us and helped gather even more gifts to add to our grand total!” 

As a charity we completely understand that many people are suffering throughout this time but any donation, no matter how big or small, will help to make a real difference and Rockinghorse promise to keep our supporters updated on the difference it makes to children in Sussex.

And hopefully with your support, and as Maxx so brilliant puts it: “There will be a lot of happy children on Christmas day!”

To find out more about how you can help, take a look at our Christmas Appeal flyer, email: or call us on: 01273 330044.