Pretty hairclips donated to the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital

LUVLI, a project selling children’s hair accessories, has made a donation of hairclips to children spending time at the Alex in Brighton.

The project was only started recently by Jade, a 26-year-old mum from Manchester living in Brighton. Jade explains how her daughter inspired the venture: “I have a very cheeky, bright and bubbly toddler who has just turned 2. Her name is Rae, and she is really a ray of sunshine.

“Having a little girl made me think how happy hair accessories make her and how I could translate that to other children. Just a short month after this thought, LUVLI was created.” 

Jaden’s aim is to spread a little love and happiness to children who might need it and for every hair accessory sold, they will donate the same accessory to charities or individuals.

And after only a few weeks they have already donated around 150 hair accessories to six different charities around the country, including Rockinghorse, women’s refuges, schools and local communities in poverty.

Jade explains why she chose to support us: “Living in Sussex makes Rockinghorse a relevant charity to LUVLI, to give a little smile to the local children to us is such a warming feeling.

“Knowing that Rockinghorse can give a poorly child a little pick me up in when they are struggling might just give them a smile, a happy feeling or even hope. They are such extraordinary children; I hope this shows them how special they are.”

And Jade hopes that she can keep LUVLI going as long as possible, to donate to as many children as she can. And any money made goes into re-stocking the hair accessories, to make ends meet so she can carry on.

To find out more about LUVLI you can take a look at Jade’s Instagram or Facebook pages or email her at:


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