Paediatric room proves great addition to PRH

The renovation of a paediatric room at the Princess Royal Hospital (PRH) in Haywards Heath has proved a fantastic addition to the services already provided.

The room which caters for younger patients, is situated within the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E) and also includes a designated waiting area equipped with toys and a TV for parents and children.

PRH has many children attend A&E on a daily basis and the paediatric room has been developed to provide an effective space to care for children, whilst also ensuring the room is an inviting and safe environment for all young patients. Some of the cupboards and worktops have been removed to increase space in the room and allow for all-round access to a patient.

Better placed storage means that key equipment and medications can be kept in the room, including access to a resuscitaire. A nicer environment for children has also been at the forefront of changes made, with a complete redecoration of the room as well as some visual stimulation with the addition of murals. A TV and iPad provides some much-needed distraction at times of treatment or distress.

Sadie Berry-Robinson, Junior Sister in the Accident and Emergency Department at the Princess Royal Hospital, says: “The Princess Royal Accident and Emergency Department would like to thank Rockinghorse for their funding and assistance in the recent renovation of our children’s waiting area and clinical room. Thanks to their funding, we have been able to decorate our rooms and reconfigure the space to allow for better management of children, as well as improving the environment for our patients and their families.

“Our new layout and equipment will allow us to ensure safety in the delivery of care and we are very grateful that we now have the ability to offer improved assistance for children. The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton remains the specialist hospital for paediatric care, and children who are unwell should attend the dedicated Children’s Emergency Department there. PRH has the ability to see children who have minor injuries only, and we hope that the changes enabled by Rockinghorse’s funding will provide these patients and their families with an improved experience.”

Rockinghorse has been making life better for sick children in Sussex for 50 years. Through our funding, we are continuing to improve children’s centres and paediatric services across the county. To find out more about our 50th year plans and the projects we are supporting, please click here.

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