Meet Sharon Gearing from Rockinghorse

Sharon Gearing, Trusts Fundraising Manager at Rockinghorse

We’re introducing you to the team here at Rockinghorse through a series of blogs. Find out a little bit more about the people behind our charity…

Did you know that we’re actually a small organisation with a team of just ten staff – five of whom work part time? We pride ourselves on working closely with local businesses, schools, community groups and individuals, who very kindly support us.

The Rockinghorse team consists of a fundraising and operations function. You can view a list of all the members of staff, over on our Meet the Team page.

In the latest of a series of blogs featuring the Rockinghorse team, meet Sharon Gearing, our Trusts Fundraising Manager.

Describe your role in the charity:

I am the Trust Fundraising Manager and make applications to charitable trusts for funding towards our projects. I also provide feedback to all trust supporters.

How long have your worked for Rockinghorse and why did you want to get involved?

I have worked here for six months now. Working for Rockinghorse was like a calling! I’ve worked in fundraising for 20 years in a range of different roles and different size of organisation. I grew up in Brighton and so have always been aware of Rockinghorse. When I saw the role I jumped at the chance to work for an organisation from my beloved home town, which raises funds for such important work.

Do you have a personal connection to the charity or know someone who has directly benefited?

I feel such an amazing connection to the cause. When I was young I had a heart murmur, which thankfully I grew out of as I grew up. It did mean that I spent quite a bit of time at the old Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital for ongoing check-ups. I would love to go to The Alex because I got to spend time on the amazing rockinghorse in the waiting room. It was my absolutely favourite thing to do ever, so when we went I never remember feeling scared, just excited. It feels very special to be working for Rockinghorse now and to know that in my work I’m benefiting children who were in the same place that I was all those years ago.

I also have links to the Trevor Mann Baby Unit, who took very good care of my niece when she was born extremely prematurely. Tragically, she was too small to survive, but I know the staff there were amazing and offered such brilliant support to my brother and sister in law. I am very thankful to them for everything they did.

What is the best part of your job/what motivates you?

Meeting the incredible front line staff we support through our fundraising. I have been blown away by some of the projects we fund and the work our nurses and doctors do. They don’t even realise how special they all are. I will do everything I can to support them every step of the way.

Do you have a proudest moment at the charity that you can recall?

It’s only been six months so I hope I have lots of proud moments ahead. Probably so far it would be my first donation raised, which was towards parent camp beds at The Alex during the Covid-19 crisis. Your first donation raised is always a special one, but this one was even more so. It felt amazing to be doing something so positive at such a desperate time.

Have you taken part in any challenge events for Rockinghorse or held any fundraisers in addition to your role?

My two children and partner did a penalty challenge back in May as part of the charities Go for Goals campaign. I was so proud of them as they raised £588 and appeared in the local newspaper. I did a 40 mile, overnight trek a few years ago for another charity I worked for, so I’m sure there will be many more challenges and fundraisers in the years ahead for Rockinghorse.

Sharon’s partner Phil with their sons Lucas and Albie after their Go for Goals Challenge

Tell us a little bit more about yourself:

I grew up in Brighton and now live in Worthing. I have two amazing, energetic boys Lucas 9 and Albie 6. Being a busy mum and working part time, I don’t have much time for hobbies! I do like to exercise and take time out for meditation. Music is one of my loves, so if I do get a chance to go out It will always be for a gig somewhere, usually in Brighton!

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