Meet Hannah Seltzer from Rockinghorse

Hannah Seltzer is the Challenge Events Fundraising Manager at Rockinghorse.

Over the next few months, we’re introducing you to the team here at Rockinghorse children’s charity…

Many of our supporters think that we are a large organization but in reality, we are a small team of nine staff, with four working part-time. We pride ourselves on working closely with the businesses, schools, community groups, trusts and individuals who support us.

Within our team of nine, Rockinghorse has five members who manage various fundraising disciplines. They are; Corporate Fundraising Manager, Schools and Community Fundraising Manager, Appeals and Trusts Fundraising Manager, Challenge Events Fundraising Manager, and an Events Fundraising Manager.

The remaining four members of the team are our Chief Executive, Finance Manager, PR and Communications Manager, and Charity Administrator.

In the second of a series of blogs featuring the Rockinghorse team, meet Hannah Seltzer, our Challenge Events Fundraising Manager…

Hannah was joined by her family for the 2019 Brighton Marathon Rockinghorse cheering point.

What does a Challenge Events Fundraising Manager do?

Hannah manages all of our sporting events, such as the Brighton Half Marathon, Brighton Marathon and the Rockinghorse iDrop amongst many others. In her role, she recruits fantastic supporters to sign-up for various challenges throughout the year.

Hannah is on hand to guide and encourage their fundraising journey as well as creating partnerships with new and existing events so that we have an exciting range of challenge events on offer.

How long has Hannah worked at Rockinghorse and why did she want to get involved?

Hannah has work at Rockinghorse for four years now, and comments, “time flies when you’re having fun!” At the time, she was looking for an events role in a different industry when the opportunity at Rockinghorse arose, and says, “I knew I had to take it.”

Hannah was already familiar with the work of Rockinghorse as she had been in the old Alex on Dyke Road as a child. She recalls riding on the very original rocking horse at the children’s hospital and knew it would be an amazing place to work, she says:

“There are some amazing projects we work with that I feel very passionate about due to personal reasons. Working for a cause that you feel strongly about definitely helps you do your job to the best of your ability.”

Hannah with our charity mascot in 2017.

What is the best part of your job and what do you like the most about your work?

Hannah says: “It 100% has to be the amazing supporters I have the pleasure of working with. I deal with some incredibly inspirational people, who take part in a variety of sporting challenges to support our charity.

“Rockinghorse has had a personal impact on so many of our challenge event participants and their families. I have built some lovely relationships with our supporters over the past four years, and their strength and dedication to the cause is what inspires me every single day.”

What is your proudest moment at Rockinghorse?

Hannah says that her proudest moment was when she took part in the very first Rockinghorse iDrop at the British Airways i360 on Brighton seafront last year…not once, but TWICE! She says: “That was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had! I wasn’t signed up to do it originally, so I surprised my family and friends who came to support the event by taking part in it myself!

“Another memorable and proud moment for me was getting an invitation to the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in 2018. I was part of the team who delivered Rockinghorse’s Golden Jubilee year, when we raised an incredible £500,000 for 10 causes across Sussex. This is definitely one to I’ll be telling the grandkids in years to come.”

Hannah joins HRH Princess Alexandra and Louise, Ryan and Cheryl from Rockinghorse at the Queen’s Garden Party.

Have you taken part in any other challenge events for Rockinghorse?

“I have done a few bits in the past but this year and on Saturday 11 May, I am taking part in Brighton Run2Music and running 10k to raise funds for Rockinghorse”, Hannah says. She continues, “I am not really a runner myself (ironic huh!) so this is a big challenge for me. However, like many of the supporters I look after, the fact that I’m raising funds for an important cause is what is driving me to cross the finish line!”

Find out a little more about Hannah…

Hannah is the youngest member of the Rockinghorse team at 24-years-old. She has lived in Brighton her whole life, and says, “Summer in Brighton is my absolute favourite time of year. I enjoy days down the beach with my friends and spending time outdoors when the sun is out.”

Hannah lives at home with her family and absolutely adores her Cavestie puppy called Lola, who she says is her “pride and joy.”

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