Matilda’s yard sale for Rockinghorse

Young scout organises a yard sale to raise money for Rockinghorse

Matilda Whisker from Hove is a member of the 3rd Hove Scout Group and is currently working towards her gold scout award.

Part of this award includes the participant doing something for their local community. In more normal times this would often be something like volunteering at a local care home or helping people more directly in the local community.

However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Matilda needed to find something that would fit within the current restrictions. So, she decided to do some research about local charities and then think of a way to raise some money for them.

The idea to support Rockinghorse came from her brother Caian. Last year he was treated in the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital for appendicitis and whilst it was of course a scary time, Matilda and her family thought it was a really positive experience because he was so well looked after by all the staff.

So, Matilda chose Rockinghorse as her charity and set about planning how to raise some money for them is a safe way. As she had lots of things around the house that she no longer needed, she came upon the idea of doing a yard sale from the front of her house. She was also helped out by her neighbours who generously donated lots more great items to the sale.

Matilda at the yard sale

Luckily the yard sale took place on a beautiful sunny September day and after setting up her stall with lots of great items, Matilda spent the day encouraging friends and neighbours to find a bargain and support the charity. After a busy day she had managed to raise over £80 and cleared out a lot of stuff from her room in the process!

Matilda’s mum Renata was really impressed with her efforts: “I’m really proud of what she’s achieved. It was a challenge for her to try and come up with an idea to fulfil her gold award but this one was perfect.

“As a family we were all so impressed by the care and attention that Caian received when he was in the Alex and that really resonated with Matilda. It’s also lovely to know she is supporting other children and families in her own community.”

Could you do the same?

Do you have any ideas like Matilda’s? Perhaps you could organize your own yard sale to raise money for Rockinghorse? Or perhaps there are some ways you could fundraise at your school or work? Whatever you can do, however small, can really make a difference so take a look at our ‘Remember Rockinghorse’ page here to get some more inspiration. Or to speak to the us about how we can support your ideas, call: 01273 330044 or email us at:


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