Lego super fan donates hundreds of sets to the Alex

Hove resident Sean Percy wanted to donate a huge range of Lego sets to children...

Hove resident Sean Percy wanted to donate a huge range of Lego sets to children spending time in hospital.

Sean is a big fan of the Danish toy bricks and over the years has completed hundreds of different sets including Star Wars, Harry Potter and Disney. A couple of his latest creations include a wonderfully intricate model of the Titanic, and the Beatles portrait sets with images of all four members.

He is also a member of the Lego VIP scheme which means he often gets access to exclusive sets which only members can access, meaning he has a wonderful collection.

However, a hobby like this can take up quite a lot of room, so in order to make space for the new models that are regularly released, Sean decided to have a sort out and try to find somewhere to donate some of his older sets.

So, he contacted the Play Team at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital and asked if they would like them for the children spending time in hospital.

Sean said: “Unfortunately I don’t have the room for all the different sets, and I’ve got my enjoyment out of many of them. I really wanted someone else to enjoy them as much as I have, and I wanted them to go somewhere where people would appreciate them.”

So, along with a member of the Rockinghorse Team, Nikki from the Play Team went along to Sean’s house and collected a massive collection of Lego!

This is such a generous donation and one which will really make a difference to so many children at the hospital, especially those who are long-term patients as they can often run out of things to do. These sets will certainly keep them busy for many hours and there really is something for everyone.

Thanks so much to Sean for his generosity and the kindness he has shown to so many Sussex children!