Dinamap monitors help nurses at children’s hospital

Staff from the Surgical Ward at the Alex with one of their new Dinamap monitors.

Staff from the Surgical Ward at the Alex with one of their new Dinamap monitors.

Thanks to your support, we’ve been able to fund three new Dinamap monitors for use on the Surgical Ward at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital (the Alex) in Brighton.

The 12-bed ward cares for babies and children requiring a wide range of surgical procedures. These range from serious emergency operations to planned surgeries. Due to the nature of the ward, it is always at full capacity.

The Dinamap monitors are needed so that nursing staff can assess a young patients blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen and temperature. The monitors are portable and lightweight, making them easy and quick to use on such a busy ward.

Prior to the three new Dinamap monitors, staff only had access to three which were shared among all 12 patients which meant a constant prioritisation of care. This proved especially difficult when nurses were caring for two or more children who required constant monitoring post-surgery.

Having access to six Dinamap monitors now means that four can be allocated to young patients who need constant observation. The other two will be used for children who only need to be monitored every four hours.

The machines have made such a difference to the ward. They are enabling nursing staff to provide better care whilst saving time and taking away stress from staff and parents.

Proud to support the Alex

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