Could you help make Easter Egg-citing?

Children spending time in hospital over the Easter break will miss out on their usual Easter treats, but you can help.

Being in hospital as a child can be frightening and sometimes boring but being there over holiday times like Christmas and Easter can make it even worse.

Not only are they missing out on spending time with their family and friends, they’re also not able to enjoy opening presents or going on an Easter Egg hunt to find some yummy chocolate treats.

Easter Eggs from The Shore Group last year

But that’s where you can help.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, we make sure that these children don’t miss out on the fun. Each year we ask local businesses, community groups and schools to organise Easter Egg collections so that we can then deliver them to children in hospitals across Sussex.

Last year we were lucky enough to get hundreds of eggs donated by, amongst others, Nationwide Building Society in Goring, Steyning FC and The Shore Group and we’re hoping that this year we’ll get the same support.

So, if you would like to help, why not speak to your colleagues, friends or teachers to see if you can organise your own collection?

And then once you have them ready, we can help organise getting them from you to hospitals around the county and to the children that will benefit the most from a little Easter treat!

If you would like to know more, just email us at: or call: 01273 330044.



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