Cheers to our volunteers!

We’re celebrating our wonderful volunteers!

The first week in June is Volunteers Week – a time to celebrate and say thank you to the wonderful people who help to support Rockinghorse.

Without the generosity of volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to organise or attend fundraising events in Brighton and across Sussex.

How can you help?

We’re always appealing for more volunteers to join our team and help us at events throughout the year. If you’re able to commit on a regular basis, or just fancy getting involved as a one-off, we’d love to hear from you!

Click here for for a list of our volunteer opportunities.

Be part of the Rockinghorse volunteering team

Don’t just take our word for it…

Still unsure if volunteering is for you? Then let our volunteers do the talking!

Mollie started volunteering for us earlier this year. She has already helped out at our Brighton Marathon cheering point, and our Easter Quiz in April.

She says, “After moving to Brighton a year ago, I have never felt more at home anywhere else. I decided to volunteer with a number of charities in the city when I first arrived here. I wanted to make friends and learn more about Brighton as a community. In doing too, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

“Volunteering has given me so much joy, motivation and direction. I truly believe that it has developed my character and outlook on life. I have never been happier to share stories and skills with others, and to experience new things.

Mollie at the Brighton Marathon in April 2019

“Getting involved with Rockinghorse has been great fun. I’ve been part of the cheer squad at the Brighton Marathon and have helped sell raffle tickets at their Easter Quiz. It has allowed me to thrive in the joy of so many other like-minded people, working together to raise funds for something so important to us all.

“I have already made some great friends within the Rockinghorse family and built a career direction I know I want to take. The work they do is incredible, and I’m honoured to be a small part of it! If you’re thinking about volunteering, my advice to you would be just to go and do it, you don’t know how much it can positively change your life!”

Help Rockinghorse make a difference by donating your time

Making a difference

We’ve been supporting sick and disadvantaged children in Sussex for over 50 years. We work in partnership with local hospitals, neonatal units, children’s centres and paediatric services. Our mission is to make them the best they possibly can be for our children now, and in the future.

We raise money thanks to the support of local businesses, schools, community groups, trusts and individuals; people like you. By donating your time, you can help us make such a difference.

Get in touch with us on 01273 330044 or email

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