Brave Luke gets a little gift

Two and a half year old Luke visited the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Brighton this week and had a little surprise.

His mum Stephanie explains more: “My little boy Luke was in the Alex yesterday to have his plaster cast taken off and the pins taken out. He broke his arm above the elbow discovering that he can’t fly when he jumps off a chest of drawers!

Luke with his new toy

“When they were finished taking the cast off the team gave Luke a brand-new Mr Potatohead toy for being so brave. It was such a lovely surprise and totally made his day. He kept it with him when he went to x-ray and even got some stickers for being so brave!

“On the night he broke it, the Play Team in the A&E also lent him a bubble gun whilst he was having it set  – it cheered him up so much. He’s brave but he is a climber – the same day he got his cast he was climbing with one arm.”

Luke’s experience is a great example of how Rockinghorse supports children in hospital. Along with fundraising for big, expensive pieces of equipment, it’s often the small things that can make a big difference. A visit to hospital can be scary for anyone, let alone our younger family members, which is why whatever you can do, it all helps.

And it had a big impact on Stephanie: “It was such a lovely surprise and totally made his day. We would like to buy some toys so that other children can have a present for being brave too.”

So, if you would like to help a child like Luke, just go to our donations page here.

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