Rockinghorse Lotto

Join the Rockinghorse Lotto and help make a difference today. Our charity Lotto offers all-cash prizes with a jackpot worth up to £5,000 for just £2 a week. Whether or not you are a winner, rest assured that every penny of profit is used to help Rockinghorse make life better for sick children in Sussex. To download a Lotto leaflet, please click here.

How to play…

  1. Send in your completed standing order details on the application form, which can be downloaded by clicking here. Select your four numbers between 1 and 31 (inclusive) for each entry.
  2. Pay regularly through your local door to door collector – to find out if there is a collector in your area, email We will confirm your entries in writing or by email. Once your payment has been received, you will be in the next draw. For standing order entries, payments are taken on the 1st or 15th of the month.

What are the prizes?

The prize starts at £1,000 for anyone matching their four numbers with those drawn. If there is more than one entry matching the four numbers, then the jackpot is split. All players matching three numbers win £25. If no one matches the four numbers, the jackpot increases by £100 and is carried forward to the next week. If the jackpot reaches £5,000 then a special draw will take place to guarantee a winner. After the jackpot has been won, the prize is reset to £1,000.

When do the draws take place?

Draws take place each week on a Wednesday with the results published at the foot of this page. All winners will receive payment automatically by cheque so there is no need to claim.

What happens to the money we raise?

Funds received from the Rockinghorse Lotto help us continue making life better for sick children and their families. Every penny raised is distributed locally to help provide cutting-edge medical equipment and support services. For more information, or to request a Lotto leaflet, please email

Lotto results

The winning numbers for Wednesday 14 November 2018 are:

11, 12, 25, 27

The jackpot currently stands at £1,600.

Our Lotto winners...

Congratulations to 83-year-old Mrs Pam Tew from Mile Oak in Portslade (pictured below with Rockinghorse Lotto agent Mike Pauwels) who has scooped the £5,000 Rockinghorse Lotto jackpot!

Pam becomes the sixth winner to date and was shocked to discover her chosen numbers were the lucky four needed to claim the cash prize on Wednesday 26 September 2018. She said, “It was such a big surprise to win the Rockinghorse Lotto and I am going to share the winnings with my family. I like to support local children’s charities, and Rockinghorse is such a good cause. I am delighted with my win!”.

Congratulations to Gordon Kimber, who won the £5,000 Rockinghorse Lotto jackpot in December! Christmas came early for Mr Kimber from Goring, who matched all four winning numbers on Wednesday 13 December to claim the jackpot prize – making him our fifth jackpot winner.

Mr Kimber has been playing the Rockinghorse Lotto since it launched in 2014, and Lotto agent, Joy Gardner (pictured below with Gordon), was delighted to present him with a £5,000 cheque. Our congratulations to Mr Kimber and his family on his festive win.

Previous winners

Congratulations to our fourth jackpot winner — Mrs Scutt from Burgess Hill (pictured below with Rockinghorse Lotto manager Trevor Watson, Rockinghorse Lotto agent Charlie Rossetter with her daughter and granddaughter) who was delighted to scoop the jackpot of £4,900! She says: “Winning the Rockinghorse Lotto is absolutely fantastic, and it could not have come at a better time! I urgently need to replace my boiler, but then will spend the rest of the winnings on taking my four grand-children on a big holiday. It’s absolutely brilliant news.”

Congratulations to our third jackpot winner — Mr Darbon from Brighton who won the £1,400 Lotto jackpot at the end of May — our second winner in as many months!

The second jackpot winner was Mrs Reed (pictured below with her son Paul, Rockinghorse CEO Ryan Heal and Lotto agent Joy Gardner) from the Worthing area who scooped the £5,000 prize back in April. She is also our eldest lottery player at 96 years young, and explained to us that she is using her winnings to help make a number of home improvements — congratulations Mrs Reed! 

Congratulations to the first jackpot winner of the Rockinghorse Lotto, Anne Mitchell from West Sussex! Anne scooped the £5,000 jackpot in July 2015 having matched all four numbers. Speaking of her win, Ms Mitchell said: “I’m really pleased to support such a wonderful charity as Rockinghorse by playing their weekly lottery, and never expected to win the jackpot!”


Last year we introduced our £1 Rockinghorse scratch cards which are available from 20 lottery agents across Sussex. Match three of the same numbers for your chance to win a £1,000 jackpot! To find out if there’s a lottery agent in your area, email us at and we’ll arrange for a local agent to visit you. 

Congratulations to Paul and Sharon from Hailsham who scooped the £1,000 jackpot in January! They said: “We buy two scratch cards every week and never really expect to win. It was such a shock to win the top prize of £1,000, and a really lovely surprise – what a brilliant start to 2017! With the winnings, we are planning on replacing a lot of our home appliances, which have all started to break down at once.” 

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