Giveacar recycles old vehicles whilst raising money for charity, and we’re delighted to have been selected as a charity partner!

Launched in 2010 as the first of its kind in the UK, Giveacar deals with up to 500 cars and donates thousands of pounds to over 100 charities on average each month. It’s a simple process for car owners and allows you to get rid of an unwanted vehicle in a proper manner, whilst raising money for a charity close to you heart.

The initiative has been a great success and since its launch, Giveacar has raised over £2.5million for more than 1,600 charities thanks to the donation of over 35,000 vehicles. In short, turn your old car into cash to support your favourite charity. You can auction or scrap your car and they’ll collect it from you for free, anywhere in the UK.

Rockinghorse is now listed as an official charity partner of Giveacar, allowing our supporters to donate their vehicle to raise funds for our cause. To find out more about Giveacar and how you can donate a vehicle, visit