Rockinghorse Apprentice Scheme

Join the Rockinghorse Apprentice Scheme in September 2021!

This September we are launching our first Rockinghorse Apprentice Scheme in secondary schools across Sussex. The scheme aims to engage young people in fundraising for their local children’s charity while learning how to work in a team and develop a range of skills that will be useful to them in the future.

Fundraising allows young people to feel a sense of pride in helping others, particularly when they understand the impact their support has, and this scheme also supports schools’ OFSTED requirement of providing opportunities for pupils’ personal development by engaging with local society.

About the Apprentice Scheme

We want to make this scheme simple and fun for your pupils whilst helping them understand the importance of raising funds for a local charity.

And it’s really straightforward to get started:

  • Firstly, raise £100 to provide the initial funding for your own larger fundraising event: You can do this by selling our Rockinghorse wristbands for a suggested donation of £1 each.
  • Next, put together a fundraising plan: Come up with some great ideas in smaller fundraising groups for how you can best raise some money. Then plan how you can put this in place and what support you will need to achieve your goal.
  • Have a target: Be realistic about what you can achieve with your budget, time and the resources available.
  • Plan, with help from your Rockinghorse Fundraising Manager Amanda Hetherington, what projects you could support: Make your fundraising realistic.

As long as it’s safe and legal, you can come up with some really creative ideas and have some fun!

More information

Once you have your teams and your £100 starter fund, set yourself a time frame to turn your money-making plan from an idea into a reality.

We have put together a pack with more information about how to plan your scheme, things you need to consider and some ideas for fundraising events. Just click here: Rockinghorse Apprentice Scheme to read more.


And don’t worry, we’re on hand to provide any support you may need to help your fundraising be a success!

For more help to set up your scheme just call us on 01273 330044 or email Amanda Hetherington, Fundraising Manager at Rockinghorse: