Payroll Giving

You can help us make life better for sick children in Sussex by signing up to Payroll Giving through your place of work…

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is a tax free way of giving to charity directly from your pay. Donations made in this way are done so before you are taxed, so for every £1 you donate, it will cost you just 80p. If you are a higher rate tax payer, it will only cost you 60p.

How does it work?

Your place of work will need to sign-up to an approved Payroll Giving Agency (PGA) in order to offer employees the opportunity to be part of the scheme. Your company’s chosen PGA will provide members of staff with a charity form which they can complete to set up their donations – we will then receive your donation on a monthly basis automatically. We recommend that you speak to your finance department who will set up the process for you.

How much will it cost the company?

Most PGA’s deduct a small charge from the donations to cover administrative costs – up to 4% is usually the charge. Some companies choose to pay this administrative cost directly.

If your company is thinking of signing up to Payroll Giving, please get in touch with us by calling Janella on 01273 330044, or emailing