YouTuber Matt Culli supports Rockinghorse

Matt Culli is supporting Rockinghorse through his Pokemon YouTube channel as a way of saying...

Matt with Jasmine, Hugo and Logan

Matt Culli is supporting Rockinghorse through his Pokemon YouTube channel as a way of saying thank you for the support his son Logan received.

Matt has a busy life, along with working four different jobs, including having his own YouTube channel, he also has two sons, ten-month-old Logan and three year old Hugo, which means there’s never a dull moment for him and his wife Jasmine.

Logan in the Trevor Mann Baby Unit

An unexpected hospital stay

But 10 months ago, things looked very different. Jasmine gave birth to Logan two months premature and he had to be taken care of in the Trevor Mann Baby Unit (TMBU) at the Royal Alex. If this weren’t difficult enough, Jasmine was also in the ICU for 10 days after suffering from acute kidney injury (AKI) following pre-eclampsia.

“It was a really difficult time but the care, equipment, staff and support given to Logan was incredible and because I knew how well cared for he was, I was able to be at Jasmine’s bed-side much more than I had hoped.

“Before Logan was born I wasn’t aware of the Rockinghorse Children’s Charity but while I was in the hospital with Logan and Jasmine I noticed the logo all around the TMBU and found out more about the amazing support they provide to the hospital.

I really made me realise what wonderful work they do, and we were all so appreciative.”

When everything had settled down and Jasmine and Logan were safely back at home, Matt realised that he wanted to try and help the charity out as much as possible.

It was around this time that Matt started his YouTube channel and wanted to use this as a platform to inspire the younger generation to think of others.

YouTube support

“My channel stemmed from my own experience of depression. I had a good job, was earning well but I was severely depressed and even scared when the phone rang. It was at this point I realised there was more to life than money and that as long as I was earning enough to support my family, I could do something that made me happy and helped other people.

“I based my videos on my love of Pokemon and how it can offer younger people the chance to escape their problems and have some fun. I also realised how YouTube was a great platform to help raise money so decided to use mine as a way of helping Rockinghorse.

“Obviously, I wanted to give something back for all the wonderful care they helped provide to Logan but I was also really moved about the support they give to young people with mental health issues at Chalkhill. I know first-hand how mental health can affect people and so helping to support that is really important to me.”

Matt is keen to grow his channel and continue to support Rockinghorse. He fully recognises the impact that YouTube is having on the younger generation and wants to use that to encourage people to help others; “I want to lead by example. If I can inspire one person to be happy, open and kind to others, then I will be happy.”

Matt is a wonderful ambassador for the work Rockinghorse do so if you want to see Matt’s video channel on YouTube, just click here.