Meet Hollie Trezise from Rockinghorse

Through a series of blogs, we’re introducing you to the team here at Rockinghorse children’s...

Hollie Trezise, Schools and Community Fundraising Manager at Rockinghorse.

Through a series of blogs, we’re introducing you to the team here at Rockinghorse children’s charity…

Many of our supporters think that we are a large organization but in reality, we are a small team of ten staff, with five working part-time. We pride ourselves on working closely with the businesses, schools, community groups, trusts and individuals who support us.

Meet Hollie Trezise, our Schools and Community Fundraising Manager…

What does a Schools and Community Fundraising Manager do?

Hollie works with our education partners; schools, nurseries, colleges, universities, as well as community groups in Sussex. Through these partnerships, she encourages, advises and supports them in their efforts to raise money for our charity. This might be via events, dress-down days, bake sales and other various fundraising initiatives.

In her role, Hollie also works closely with schools to educate students about Rockinghorse and proudly hosts many assemblies throughout the year. She also manages our wonderful team of volunteers and in addition to that, coordinates the many Rockinghorse collection tins distributed across the county.

How long has Hollie worked at Rockinghorse?

Hollie has worked in the charity sector for ten years and in that time, has worked full-time in community fundraising since 2011. Rockinghorse is the fourth charity she has worked for, having joined us in February 2018.

Hollie explains her move to Rockinghorse, she says: “I wanted to work for a charity that has a measurable impact locally – somewhere that responds to a genuine need for help and support from which the impact will be felt immediately. Rockinghorse does that better than any charity I have ever known. Because a lot of our work is project focused, you can almost follow the money from donation to delivery, and usually within just a few months.

“The professionals that look after the sick or disabled children, tell us what they need in order to deliver the best possible service and we make it our priority to ensure they get it – it really is as simple as that! As a fundraiser, my job is so much easier for being able to tell people exactly where their money goes when they donate to Rockinghorse.”

What’s the best part of working at Rockinghorse?

Hollie says the best part of her job is meeting new people and hearing their stories and reasons for supporting the charity. She says: “It never fails to amaze me all the different things people do to raise money for Rockinghorse. They give up their valuable time and go to all kinds of lengths to do their bit to help. If I can make their fundraising experience more memorable and fun, and show them how much we appreciate them, then I’m happy.”

Hollie also really enjoys working at Rockinghorse events, which involve the whole team. She says: “There are only a few times a year that we all work together in this way. It’s a great opportunity to get out in the community and chat to some of our supporters and celebrate what we do as a charity.”

What’s been your proudest moment at Rockinghorse?

Hollie’s proudest moments come from meeting people who have directly benefited from Rockinghorse. It could be a small gesture, like a child in hospital receiving an Easter Egg or a present on their birthday, or it could be that a young person has benefitted from a piece of equipment that we’ve funded. She says: “When you speak to someone who has a personal reason for supporting Rockinghorse, you are reminded that what we do is really important. Our work really does make a difference and I’ll always be grateful for, and proud of those moments.”

Find out a bit more about Hollie…

Hollie went to University in Brighton and instantly fell in love with the city, saying: “It instantly felt like home!” She now lives further along the coast in West Sussex. She loves live music, especially country music and spending time with friends and family.

She adds: “I also love the beach. Until recently I had a spaniel who loved to run on the beach, even though I don’t have him anymore I still like getting out for a walk on the sandy bits when the tide goes out. You won’t catch me swimming though – it’s always far too cold for that!”

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