Ambition 3: Partnerships

Work in partnership with stakeholders to improve and share our understanding of what local young people need. Build trust and positive working relations, deliver co-ordinated projects to reduce duplication and competition and increase our understanding of any gaps in our provision or barriers to people’s access.

We will achieve this by:

  • Prioritise working with organisations that share our purpose and values, and who are working with, and for children and their families across Sussex.
  • Expand our work with the NHS, charity partners and organisations who work to support babies, children, teenagers and their families in healthcare settings across Sussex.
  • Expanding our advocacy and policy programme to look at ways we can bring our experience and expertise to policy makers, local government and national youth networks.
  • Find ways to support the local community and become more involved in community activities, events and networks in Sussex.

Adam Muirhead

Director of Youth Work, The Trust for Developing Communities

“Having the support and partnership of Rockinghorse Children’s Charity has helped channel resources right to the heart of the need that existed for better youth-oriented support in the A&E Department at the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital by funding a new youth worker post.”

“We are now jointly looking at ways to massively amplify young people’s voices and feedback, to make the whole experience of attending A&E better for all children across the region.”

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